Lead Generation

Automate customer and office leads directly into RIDA without anyone ever typing a single letter. Minimize the monotonous routine of data entry, reduce errors, save time and streamline your over-all operation.

Digital and Physical Location Tracking

Track everything from the contact to the inventory to the dealer managing a dropbox location from within your office at any given time. Are trade-shows your thing track that too! All from one single place.

Custom Template Creator

Create the perfect design for any of your lead capturing. Need it for a customer program? How about a contest you're running for your dealers? Or something simple like a kiosk for a trade-show? No mater the application you can build your perfect form and put your leads on autopilot.

Effortless Lead Capturing

Automatically collect leads generated by each dealer, office, and customer. By combining your surveys with your office portal. No more spread sheets and manually entering your survey leads again.

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