Rainbow Independent Distribution / Dealer Application is the one place for all of your administrative tasks - including staff and dealer management, scheduling, communication, inventory tracking, and reporting.

Scheduling Made Easy

Schedule Rainbow demonstrations based on your unique parameters and and take control of your resources. Leads, personnel and time management can determine the success of your office.

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Communicate More Effectively

Automate and improve both internal and external communications. Set your own push notification (text, email, etc.) parameters. Create reports that are automatically generated to allow you to stay ahead of problems instead of reacting to them.

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Make Better Management Decisions

Flexible customer relationship management tools that allow you to forecast the needs of your office. Customize your search for data using our instant filters including demo status, lead type, location and more. Improve goal attainment by foreseeing where you need to deploy your resources.

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Manage Your Business Remotely

R.I.D.A. allows you to schedule, communicate, and manage your Rainbow office from wherever you have internet access. Our application works on both Apple and Android devices.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Track and manage all of your Rainbow assets including accessories, fragrances, cleaning solutions and dealer kits. Easily use barcodes to eliminate errors. Transfer equipment to offices or dealers in seconds.

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